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Electronics is omnipresent in our everyday life. A senior technician in electronics can intervene in the automobile, aviation and navigation, telecommunications, multimedia, robotics, computer networks, measurement, medical equipment, Etc. Among builders, senior technicians participate in tasks related to design, development and production. For suppliers and users, the technician is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of technical systems. Senior technicians also provide after-sales service and sales of technical products. They often supervise teams of technicians and relay with engineers.

  • Enhance knowledge in industrial electrical engineering;
  • Develop or maintain elements that incorporates electronics with other technologies;
  • Plan a project, control costs and ensure its proper execution;
  • Enable the realization or maintenance of a wide variety of products that link electronics with other technology
  • In addition to general training in electronics, acquire a an excellent knowledge of  companies  in order to be competitive on the job market;
  • Responsible for repairs and adjustment of commercial and domestic electronic/electrical equipments for  a manufacturer or retailer;
  • Carry out tests and verifications of electronic/electrical devices or elements in assembly lines, etc.
  • Electronic installation and maintenance technician;
  • Maintenance manager;
  • Head of telecommunications;
  • Radio and transmission technician;
  • Integrate in electronic/electrical production;
  • Electronic/Electrical technician;
  • Industrial Technician;
  • Laboratory technician;
  • Assistant Engineer, etc.