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A senior technician in “Telecommunication” operates in an open world where he/she must be able to communicate, both orally and in writing, through various media, including use of foreign language, and must equally understand the transmission of signals or intelligence of any nature via wire, radio, optical or electromagnetic systems. The mastery of the written and oral technical communication in English commonly used in company is also a requirement.

  • Understand the principles and optimize the operation of a network and the major protocols used (standardized or not)
  • Participate in the development of specifications and contribute to the specifications of the topology of a network or a telecommunications installation, to manage and develop such installations by selecting the appropriate equipment and software
  • Ensure the installation and configuration of all components: cables, antennas, connectors, radio transmission systems (antennas, decoders ...) as well as to ensure the receipt of an installation
  • Installing and configuring the components of the telecommunications chain (bridges, switches, routers, PBXs ...), Installing and configuring hardware and software for networks and telecommunications systems, and computer equipment.
  • Service companies and network equipment manufacturers
  • Telecommunication operators and internet service providers
  • Aid companies/enterprise and administration in managing their own information and communication systems
  • Telephone line installer
  • IT Service and Engineering Companies (IT services companies).