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The Higher National Diploma or HND is a national higher education diploma is normally prepared in two years after the baccalaureate. The owner of HND Accounting is a qualified accounting technician capable of organizing the management accounting requirements, tax and social security, to participate in the development of management information and help to forecast and preparing decisions. It can work in an accounting firm, within the company accounting department in a bank, insurance company or an administration. Its business is to translate accountant way all commercial or financial transactions and to establish the corresponding documents. It also analyzes the information available to prepare management decisions. He knows the hardware and specialized software; he is able to participate in IT projects of its service.
  • The accountant in the collection and processing of information towards the preparation of final accounts for internal and external purposes;
  • The management with costs and decisions making information;
  • The management with audit evidence and supervisory during internal audit activities;
  • The accountant / auditor information and evidence which will lead to the auditor verifying and forming an opinion;
  • The accountant and management in writing out taxation matters.
  • The accountant;
  • The management controller;
  • The financial director.