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This industry-focused diploma prepares you for a successful management career by providing a solid understanding of key business management principles and practices. In today’s increasingly competitive corporate world, leading enterprises demands people with demonstrable management skills and abilities.

The HND in management is designed for those who wish to develop real practical skills across a range of essential business and management areas.


Through cases studies, engaging projects and group work you will encounter the real-world business situation faced by today’s managers. The program is designed to progressively dee0pen your knowledge of business and management. Areas covered will included Project Management, Global Management, Strategic Management, Management information system, Marketing, finance and entrepreneurial career.

  • Master the methods of the study of managerial decisions and skills that bear directly upon the organization’s capacity to survive;
  • Adapt to market and environmental changes;
  • Grow profitably and to move into new directions as required by business trends.
  • Manager;
  • Leader Commercial Service ;
  • Sales Manager.