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The HND holder BANK acts as a consultant or customer account managers on the retail market, set to join the sales force in the banking and financial sector. The holder of the HND combines strong technical, legal, financial and tax with Behavioural and trade capacity. In regular contact with customers belonging to clients said "general public", its main business is to market the product and services of the establishment Credit informing and advising customers of which it is responsible. It also aims to attract new clients in order to develop its customer portfolio.
  • To be able to ensure the proper functioning of accounts;
  • The transactions related to accounts, savings, credit;
  • Strong knowledge of the economy and banking fees;
  • Calculate interest levels;
  • Check the bank billing;
  • Establish the status of bank accounts ..
  • Commercial Agent;
  • Chief of Sales;
  • Chief of Commercial service;
  • Marketing Director.