The Transport and Logistics qualification is available at Higher National Diploma level catering for anyone new to the sector through to those who have gained substantial experience in their career to date. The qualification is designed to equip students with knowledge of the key principles and process within a logistics and transport environment, in order to further their career in the industry. Students will gain sector specific skills and knowledge and acquire a global awareness of logistical operations to ensure efficiency and productivity.


The role of logistics professionals is an extremely important one. The main purpose of having logistics technicians is to ensure that all supplies and equipments for a certain location are taken care of. This usually involves the choosing, ordering, and distributing of important equipments. In order to maintain the best organization, all supplies and equipments must be accounted for when doing inventory. These inventory reports must be completed with the highest amount of accuracy in order for every one at the specific location to get the supplies they need.


Typical employers of Transport and Logistic graduates includes;

  • Logistic companies
  • Supply chain consultants
  • Freight and shipping companies
  • Transport consultancies
  • Passenger transport providers (rail, bus, sea and air companies)
  • Regional and central government
  • You can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home (freelance)….